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Wild mushroom pasta

Nutrient content per person: Calories 407 kcal Carbs 60 g Fat 13,5 g Protein 19 g

Preparation time: 20 minutes


150 g wild mushrooms

100 g whole grain pasta

100 g kale

100 g tomato sauce

50 g onion

10 g oil

8 g garlic

7 g nutritional yeast

3 g lemon peper

2 g salt


Boil macaroni in a pot. Then cut onions, mushrooms and kale. When pasta are almost ready strain and add into the pot with oil and onions. Fry a few more minutes and then add mushrooms. Fry 5 more minutes and add kale. Then add tomato sauce, salt and pepper. When everything seems ready then turn off the heat and add nutritional yeast. Let it cool down and add everything to the plate. Easy, tasty and nutritious lunch is ready. Enjoy!

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