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Six essential spices for kitchen that make your life easier.

When looking recipe books, I often get the impression that you have to buy a million different spices for your home. Use only one gram of each pack and then it stays in the cupboard for months. So I decided to write a post mentioning my most used spices. I always have these six favorites in my kitchen cabinet and use them in almost every recipe. In addition, I will highlight their benefits and why you should buy them too.

Iodized Salt - Normal table salt with added iodine. I use it daily for seasoning food, even for sweet dishes. Salt brings out a sweet taste in desserts. It is found in all stores and some sea salts contain good minerals in addition to iodine.

The importance of iodine to the body - Getting the right amount of iodine is very important for normal thyroid function. People who do not eat seafood, fish, eggs and cheese may develop iodine deficiency in the body. This in turn affects our thyroid function and can lead to malfunction. Therefore, I recommend vegetarians, vegans as well as people who do not like seafood to use iodized salt to ensure their daily need. Be sure not to consume more than 6g of salt per day.

Nutritional yeast - An inactive yeast that has a nice nutty and creamy taste like cheese. It's good for making vegan cheese, cheese sauces or just adding a little umami flavor to your food. In addition, the yeast contains B-group vitamins and important vitamin B-12. You should definitely check the packaging to see if the product is fortified with B-12 because the yeast does not produce this vitamin. All products sold in Estonia contain vitamin B-12. It can be found in organic markets, eco stores, as well as in larger shopping centers. The products of the best-known manufacturer Bon Soya can easily be found in the fridge of Prisma's family market beside the usual yeast.

The importance of B-12 to the body - Normal metabolism of amino acids, prevention of anemia, development of nerve tissue. Since vitamin B-12 is mainly found in animal foods, I would advise vegetarians and vegans to take the vitamin supplement daily. The main herbal sources are nutritional yeast, fortified plant drinks and vitamins.

Turmeric- Its beautiful yellow color gives the dishes a wonderful look. Turmeric can be used anywhere: in salty dishes, in desserts, and in delicious drinks. Adding some black pepper and turmeric in foods can helps body to absorb iron more effectively.

The benefits of turmeric for the body- It is a good anti-inflammatory, painkiller, stimulates digestion and strengthens the immune system.

Lemon Pepper - Simply home made by adding black pepper to dried lemon peel and sea salt. You can find it in every spice shelf in every store. I use it in almost all salty dishes. Adds peppers to foods nicely as a sour taste that enhances the flavors of foods.

Benefits of lemon pepper- Adding to foods with turmeric helps the body to better absorb iron.

Chili Pepper - Spices will also enhance the senses, if not used in excess, which will kill all the flavors. Suitable for both salty and sweet foods. It is also found on the spice shelf in all stores.

Benefits of Chili Pepper - Stimulates digestive activity, which in turn promotes weight loss. Red chili peppers lower blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels and platelet aggregation. In other words, it reduces the risk of blood clots. At the same time, it helps the body produce fibrin protein, which is needed for rapid blood clotting in wounds.

Cinnamon - This brownish spice from inner bark of tree species gives the food a nice taste in addition to the Christmas flavor. I mainly use it in desserts, but sometimes I add it to curries to enhance the flavors. It is found in all shops both in crushed and bark form. By adding cinnamon to desserts you can reduce the sugar content because cinnamon enhances the sweet taste.

Benefits of cinnamon- Keeps blood sugar levels stable. Reduces cholesterol in the body. It also has an excellent ability to reduce inflammation.

You probably already have most, if not all, of these six spices in your kitchen cabinet. Now you know their benefits, which will surely encourage you to use them more often. Unless you're a wild cook, these are the main spices you should buy for your home.

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