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Tofu scramble

Nutrient content per person: Calories 222 kcal Carbs 18 g Fat 12 g Protein 14 g

You will love this tofu scramble!

Preparation time: 15 minutes


100 g tofu

80 g onion

5 g oil

2 g salt

2 g lemon peper

3 g turmeric

5 g nutritional yeast

Aside salad:

50 g cucumber

50 g tomato

5 g plant-based sour cream

Optional topping:




Reheat your pan. Cut onions and mushrooms into pieces. Fry them on pan until onions are golden brown. Then add tofu, salt, turmeric and pepper. Fry 5 more minutes. At the same time cut cucumber and tomato. Mix them in a bowl with plant-based sour cream. Everything is ready and just waits for you to plate the dish. Take a bowl where you regularly would eat soup. Put on one side your salad and next to it the tasty tofu scramble. Add basil and lettuce for garnish.

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