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Restaurant Da Vinci new menu

Did you know that Da Vinci Restaurant now has a vegan menu? I have visited Da Vinci restaurants several times, but in the past only one vegetarian food was served there. When I heard that the restaurant has created a vegan menu, I had to go and see what good they offer then? The choice was great and to make the decision took some time. The waiters were very cheerful and helpful and shared their recommendations.

Da Vinci vegan menu:

How to choose a dish? As you can see from the picture, the choice is large. I am usually used to seeing two or three vegan dishes in restaurants. Looking at the menu, at first it went awry. However, I chose what seemed most exciting to me. Honestly, I would have liked to try them all, but then I probably wouldn't have gotten up from the table anymore. At the same time, it gives me the opportunity to try something new again.

Bruschettas with sun-dried tomatoes and basil humus.

Want a delicious mouthful to share with a friend? I took bruschettas as an appetizer. The plate had crispy warm breads topped with sour basilhummus . Juicy cherry tomatoes, sprouts and fresh lettuce leaves were added. It is good to eat this dish both between your fingers and finer with a knife and fork. The amount was so large that I would be happy to share it with friends.

Wrap with avocado and strawberry-onion sauce

Strawberry-onion sauce?

As a second dish, I chose a wrap. This food immediately caught my eye because the strawberry-onion sauce seemed such a strange combination. Inside the wrap was avocado, tomato, baked tomato and plenty of salad. When presented at the table, it looked like a real work of art. The tortilla was nicely crispy on top. The avocado was not skewed in the wrapper. In addition, the avocado was just right. With the first shot, I felt how pleasantly the creamy avocado seemed to melt in my mouth. Tomatoes and lettuce added juiciness to the wrap. I dipped the wrap in strawberry-onion sauce. Surprisingly, it was pleasantly sweet and there was no strong onion taste. The sauce gave the avocado enough acidity to further enhance the avocado flavor. Once again, the dish was big enough to share with a companion or enjoy one big belly filling.

Fresh berries with raw strawberry jam, Da Vinci handmade granola and almond milk.

Dessert or a refreshing breakfast?

I took granola for dessert. Two dishes were brought to the table. Inside the glass was a strawberry jam topped with handmade granola and delicious fresh berries. Next to it was a jug of almond milk. Thanks to that, I was able to pour just enough almond milk on the granola. If the milk had been poured on earlier, the granola would no longer have been so pleasantly tasty and crispy. By this point, I was already quite full. However, this pleasantly sweet and crunchy combination did not allow me to place the spoon on the table until the dessert was finished. The granola was so delicious and nutritious that I will someday enjoy it for breakfast.

Cappuccino with coconut milk

Is there anything you can get for just 1 euro today?

In addition to delicious dishes, Da Vincis also offers coffee. All coffee drinks on the menu can be ordered with plant milks. I added coconut milk to my cappuccino, but there was also almond and soy milk in the selection. Da Vincil has a great offer for coffee drinks. From Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 12:00 and from Monday to Friday from 15:00 to 17:00, all coffee drinks, including with plant milks, are only 1 euro.

Ice cream with waffle

Is the waffle vegan too?

Hot days are here, so it is good to remember that Da Vinci has a wide selection of different ice creams. Vegan friendly ice creams: strawberry, wild berry, mango, lemon and my favorite watermelon. In addition, these ice creams can be enjoyed with a crispy waffle. Both large and small waffles are 100% vegan.

For families

Where to go to eat with children?

Good news for parents, next to the Da Vinci restaurant at Järve Center is children’s playground. Children can have fun playing and parents can keep an eye on them. They have also thought about young children, as Da Vincis has highchairs for children to eat comfortably.

You will find Da Vinci restaurants:


On the second floor of the Rocca al Mare shopping center

On the first floor of Kristiine Center

T1 Mall of Tallinn IV floor

On the second floor of Järve Center


Tartu Pocket Center


Department store on the second floor

News! An update to the Da Vinci menu is coming soon. Namely, the restaurant will offer wonderful vegan pizzas.


I got to try a new vegan pizza. Margarita had a delicious thin base covered with sour tomato sauce, vegan cheese and basil leaves. When warm, the vegan cheese was very stretchy and resembled ordinary cheese, but tended to stick a little to the teeth. After a while, the cheese had hardened and the flavors were even stronger. I believe Margarita is not the only new vegan pizza you will soon find on their menu.

I was very happy with my restaurant experience and I will probably go eat granola and have coffee one morning. You can also visit Da Vinci restaurants, because the menu is so wide that there is something to suit every taste.

Have you tried new vegan dishes yet?

Let me know how it tasted! Also visit our Facebook page. Comment on your thoughts below. Share a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #spicethespirit and @DaVinci added so we can see your experience!

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