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Raspberry smoothie

Nutrient content per person: Calories 186 kcal Carbs 26 g Fat 9 g Protein 4 g

Fun facts

Health benefits of raspberries: * Raspberries are an excellent source of fiber, providing 8 grams per cup (123 grams) per serving, or 32% and 21% of RDI for women and men, respectively. They provide more than half of R & D & I vitamin C, a water-soluble nutrient that is important for immune function and iron absorption. Raspberries also contain small amounts of vitamin A, thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin B6, calcium and zinc. * Antioxidants are plant compounds that help your cells fight and restore oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is associated with an increased risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other diseases. Raspberries contain many different powerful antioxidants, including vitamin C, quercetin and ellagic acid. * Raspberries are low in carbohydrates and high in fiber, making them a smart choice for anyone looking at their carbs. One cup (123 grams) of raspberries contains 14.7 grams of carbohydrates and 8 grams of fiber, which means that they contain only 6.7 grams of digestible carbohydrates per serving. Also, raspberries are unlikely to raise blood sugar levels. The glycemic index (GI) is a measure of how fast food increases your blood sugar. Although the geographical indication for raspberries has not been identified, most berries fall into the low glycemic category. In addition, studies show that raspberries can lower blood sugar and improve insulin resistance.

Recipe for two


1 frozen banana

2 handfuls of frozen raspberries

1 tablespoon cocoa beans

1 tablespoon passionfruit powder

200 ml of oat milk

100 ml of water


Take a blender, place the frozen raspberries and banana in it. Then add cocoa beans and passionfruit powder to the blender.

Pour on oat milk and water. Turn on the blender and blender for 2 minutes.

To serve, take two glasses and pour raspberry smoothie into glasses. Enjoy with breakfast or as a light snack. Bon Appetit!

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