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Potato salad

Nutrient content per person: Calories 382 kcal Carbs 44 g Fat 19 g Protein 12 g

Fun Facts

* the roots of potato salad come from Moscow, the second half of the last century, when Lucien Olivier, a Belgian chef at fine dining restaurant Hermitage, wanted to offer his wealthy customers a wonderful dish.

* salad's first printed recipe appeared 11 years after Olivier's death, in 1894 in the Russian magazine "Our Food".

* the salad was served finely chopped in an ice-cold crystal bowl. It is also worth noting that Olivier often mixed his salad just before serving.

* Estonians serve potato salad on birthdays and on holidays.

This salad serves 4 people

Preparation time: 50 minutes


4 average potatoes

200 ml vegan soy yogurt

200 g canned cut pickles

200 g canned peas

200 g canned corn

180 g canned cut (boiled) carrots

100 g cucumber

100 g vegan sausage

100 g vegan mayo

1 tsp salt


To make this delicious salad you will need to start with potatoes. Wash potatoes, but don't peel them. Add them in a bot with cold water. Turn the heat on and boil the potatoes for about 25 minutes. Take a knife and stab the potatoes to see if they are soft inside. When the potatoes are ready, rinse and set them in cold water to cool down. If the outside temperature is under 10 ºC, then put the potatoes outside. Now take a big bowl and add rinsed canned vegetables in it, except the peas. Cut cucumber and sausage into small cubes and add them in a bowl with the rest of the vegetables. When potatoes are cooled down cut them in small cubes and then add in a bowl. Mix everything. Then add mayo, yogurt, and salt. Mix the salad and then put it in a refrigerator, to let the flavors mix. When you are ready to serve the dish add the peas in it. ( If you add the peas day before serving the dish, it could get sour.) Invite your friends over and serve them this delicious potato salad. This salad is Estonian traditional birthday food. Happy birthday, if you have a birthday today ;)

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