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Leftover rice dish cutlets

Nutrient content per person: Calories 420 kcal Carbs 65 g Fat 12 g Protein 22 g

Facts about food waste

* Between 33-50% of all food produced globally is never eaten, and the value of this wasted food is worth over $1 trillion.

* Meanwhile 800 million people go to bed hungry every night. That is 1 in 9 people on the planet who are starving or malnourished. Each and every one of them could be sufficiently fed on less than a quarter of the food that is wasted in the USA, UK and Europe each year.

* Because we have a globalised food supply system, demand for food in the West can drive up the price of food grown for export in developing countries, as well as displace the growth of crops to feed native populations and drive accelerated degradation of natural habitats.

* Food waste is bad for the environment. It takes a land mass larger than China to grow the food each year that is ultimately never eaten – land that has been deforested, species that have been driven to extinction, indigenous populations that have been moved, soil that has been degraded – all to produce food that we then just throw away. In addition, food that is never eaten accounts for 25% of all fresh water consumption globally.

* Not only are all of the resources that went into creating the uneaten food wasted (land, water, labour, energy, manufacturing, packaging, etc), but when food waste goes to landfill, which is where the vast majority of it ends up, it decomposes without access to oxygen and creates methane, which is 23x more deadly than carbon dioxide.

* It’s easy for many people to dismiss food waste as someone else’s problem (“I don’t waste any food”) or to focus solely on the more visibly shocking examples of waste (unharvested fields of produce ploughed back into the earth, supermarket skip waste). However the reality is that in the ‘developed’ world, more than 50% of food waste takes place in our homes. In contrast, less than 2% of food waste takes place at the retail store level (though supermarket practices are directly responsible for much food waste elsewhere in the supply chain.) So, the bad news is we are half the problem. But the good news is, this means we can be half the solution!

Recipe for 4

16 wonderful cutlets


800 g frozen vegetables (broccoli, carrot, cauliflower)

500 g leftover rice dish (click here for the recipe!)

75 g dried red lentils (about 190 g in boiled form. You can replace with your favorite legumes)

3 tablespoons of kama flour (cereal and pea mixture), but you can use whichever flour you have at home.

1 tablespoon coconut oil

pinch of salt


4 teaspoons of vegetable yogurt or ketchup

Preparation: To make rice cutlets, take the remaining rice dish from the fridge. You can also quickly make a rice dish and then turn it into cutlets. You can find the recipe here!

Now that you have the rice dish ready we can start making the cutlets. To do so, boil the lenses. Rinse the lenses under cold running water. Add half a liter of water and red lentils to the pot. Boil red lentils for 10 minutes. Strain the water and add the cooked lentils to the rice dish. Mix the cutlet bulk and then add the kama flour, salt, and coconut oil. Stir again and place it in the refrigerator for a bit. At the same time, cook the vegetables. I made the vegetables in a hot air fryer, but you can steam or boil them. Put the desired amount of vegetables into the deep fryer, turn the temperature to 80 ° C, set the timer for 20-25 minutes. After 10 minutes, stir and allow them to cook a little more. When steaming vegetables, you need a pot and a sieve. Pour a liter of water into the bottom of the pot and place a large sieve. Place the vegetables on the sieve and steam for about 20 minutes. When the vegetables are cooking, remove the cutlet dough from the refrigerator. Shape the balls with a tablespoon and then press them flat with your palms. Preheat the pan on the stove. When the pan is hot enough, place the cutlets on the pan. Fry for 5-7 minutes on each side. Cutlets should be nice and crispy. Turn off the stove and check if the vegetables are ready. Start serving. Take a plate, put the vegetables on the plate and top it with 4 cutlets. Add a teaspoon of vegetable yogurt. Crispy from the outside and soft inside cutlets are to die for. Bon Appetit!

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