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Kama Oreo layer

Nutrient content per truffle: Calories 184 kcal Carbs 23 g Fat 7 g Protein 7 g

Fun Facts


* Cornflower (Centaurea cyanus) is a herbaceous genus of dormant species. Cornflower has been the national flower of Estonia since 1969. The selection of the national flower began in 1968 in the TV show "Oak Leaf Quiz"("Tammelehe viktoriin). The program, co-produced by ETV and the Estonian Nature Conservation Society, asked people's opinions on what our national flower might look like. Bids were gathered for 38 different flowers. The public became aware of the confirmed Estonian National Flower in the June 1969 issue of "Estonian Nature"("Eesti Loodus").

* The plant is rich in vitamin C. You can make the color blue from the blossoms.

Recipe for 1


5 tablespoons of yogurt

2 oreo cookies

1 tablespoon of kama

little bit cornflower petals


Take a beautiful bowl into which you want to serve your wonderful dessert. Place the yogurt on the bottom. Then one side of the kama, topped with oreo cookies. Add the cornflower petals for beauty. While eating, mix everything together. Nice sweet mouthful!

You can find this recipe and many interesting ideas in February's Vegan Magazine! Find out more about their activities here-> Vegan magazine

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