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Kök sandwich

Nutrient content per person: Calories 236 kcal Carbs 33 g Fat 4 g Protein 17 g

Fun facts

About Hälsans Kök:

* has been producing tasty vegetarian products for 50 years, constantly with a passion for food and with the goal of providing consumers with new and good meat-free alternatives.

* fillet has per 100g : Calories 151 kcal, Fatt 4,7 g, Carbs 1,2 g, Protein 23 g.

Recipe for 1

Preparation time: 10 minutes


2 slices of whole grain bread

50 g Hälsans Kök fillet pieces

40 g cucumber

2 leafs of Romaine lettuce

1 tbsp ketchup


Heat the pan on the stove. Take two whole grains of bread and place them in a hot pan. Heat for each side 2 minutes. At the same time, slice the cucumber into disk-shaped pieces. When slices of bread are ready, place on a plate and place the Fillet in the pan. Fry the fillets on the pan for 5 minutes to make the top layer crispier. Start making sandwiches. Grease the inside of both slices of bread with ketchup. Then add the Roman lettuce leaves to the lower bun. Place the cucumber discs on the salad and cooked fillet. Then on the top, the second toast. Cut the sandwich diagonally in half. Bon Appetit!

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