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Enjoy breakfast at the Lisanna- Vegan Coffee Shop

Did you know that the Lisanna-Vegan Coffee Shop is one of the few places in the Old Town where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast?

There are many different exciting places to visit in the Old Town area. But if you want to eat something in the early morning, the city seems completely empty. Walking from the Baltic station between the walls of the Old Town, you can still notice a cafe with its flag flying high. Upon entering, I notice that the opening time is 8.30 at the moment, but I get very good news from the cheerful waitress. From September 1, the Small Lisanna-Vegan Coffee Shop will open as early as 7.30.

Coffee here or to go

What to do if your you did not eat breakfast?

There are mornings when you have to rush and you can't prepare breakfast. You hurry out of the house and then discover that your stomach growls. Fortunately, you can take the steps towards the Lisanna café, where the selection is wide and all products can be ordered for take away. Lisanna- Vegan Coffee shop menu

What is exciting about the Lisanna-Vegan Coffee Shop menu?

Standing by the counter, I see large boards hanging from the ceiling. Reading from left to right, I notice that the selection includes smoothies, smoothie bowls, muesli, grilled sandwiches as well as a wide selection of drinks. I would like to try everything, but then probably I wouldn't be able to get up from the table anymore. The friendly waiters helps me to find the special dishes that I should definitely try.


Want to travel in childhood memories?

To start, I order a grilled sandwich Nostalgia. As the name suggests, it is a dish that takes me back to my childhood. From the first bite, I remember the memories of my grandmothers hous. I woke up in the morning, the boiled sausage was sizziling on the pan and the whole room was full of wonderful smells. This sandwich is a better alternative to a sizzling cooked sausage. It also includes mouth-watering vegan cheese, juicy tomatoes and aromatic basil. The small sandwich that is full of memories is so nutritious that next time, if I want to try more food, I would share it with my friend.


What a taste?

The most popular grilled sandwich in Lisanna Café is Rikkalik(Rich). In that case, I also had to order it to find out if the sandwich is worthy of the name. Pleasantly crisp on the top. Biting the first bite, I felt a burst of taste in my mouth. The pesto, made by hand at Lisanna Café, is simply wonderful. The creamy basil and cashew combo instantly makes your mouth water. The sandwich also has delicious sun-dried tomatoes, vegan cheese and crunchy peppers. Since I had already eaten my stomach fairly full with the previous sandwich, I left half of the Rikkalik(Rich) for later. While eating the remaining sandwich at home in the evening, I was able to enjoy this wonderful experience again.


Do you want a breakfast that provides energy for a long time?

A good start for the day is a full stomach. Muesli is one of the fastest breakfast options. Lisanna cafe muesli is a pure handcraft with no added white sugar. Muesli can be ordered with plant milk or plant yogurt. From yogurts, you can choose between two flavors - natural and vanilla. I ordered mine with natural yogurt to feel all the flavors of the ingredients added to the handmade muesli. The muesli was pleasantly crunchy under the teeth - the dried berries gave sweetness, strawberries and bananas added juiciness. A fast food that provides energy for a long time.

Regular or decaffeinated?

At the counter of Lisanna-Vegan Coffee Shop, I can see that the selection of plant milks is larger than in the store. The choice of possible drinks is also wide. I ordered a cappuccino. A smiling face with a counter immediately asked if I wanted regular or decaffeinated. Since I have never faced such a choice, I was shocked and ordered the usual one. Later, I thought that I could actually have ordered decaffeinated, because I had already gained enough energy from the food. A cappucino with fluffy milk foam was brought to the table, with a wonderful heart drawn on it. While sipping my first coffee, I felt a stimulating taste on my tongue. The roasted coffee beans had made the taste of the coffee mildly nutty. The coffee cleared my taste buds and gave room for the stomach to begin the sweet journey.

White chocolate pistachio fugde

Would you like to order something new and unique?

White chocolate pistachio fudge is a delicious dessert. The top of the white chocolate cream is richly sweet, balanced by the base of the pistachio. The best treat for a person who is looking for a special flavor.

Chocolate cookie

Want something sweet that you can grab and go?

The ideal solution to this is a chocolate cookie. The chocolate cookie is pleasantly crunchy on the top, soft and juicy on the inside. Ideal as a side dish to coffee or a quick dessert.

Raspberry fudge

Is this fudge with cream cheese?

The real delicacy is raspberry fudge. Wonderful how nuts can give the impression of eating a cheesecake. Dried raspberry pieces on the cake add a crunchy effect and give a delicious raspberry aftertaste.

Salted caramel brownie

Sweet and salty together, seems like it doesn't promise anything good?

Crispy pieces of salted caramel on top and soft mouth-watering chocolate brownie inside. I'm not a big sweet lover, but this brownie won my heart. I haven't had such a juicy and tasty brownie yet. I already dream of going to the old town on a sunny day, order a brownie with a foamy soft cafe latte and enjoy the weather on the terrace of Lisanna cafe.


Where can I find a good milkshake?

Finally, I ordered a milkshake. I haven't had milkshake over 10 years, so expectations were high. In a tall glass, a dark pink strawberry milkshake with a pile of whipped cream on it and decorated with strawberries and cinnamon. It was really delicious and cooling. The menu of Lisanna Café also includes a chocolate banana, vanilla matcha and vanilla banana milkshakes. Good for cooling down on a warm sunny day.

At the Lisanna-Vegan Coffee Shop you can enjoy delicious food both indoors and outdoors. On a sunny day, it is especially nice to enjoy hot coffee and talk to a friend on the street between the walls of the Old Town.

In addition to the Väike Lisanna-Vegan Coffee Shop in the Old Town, there is also a Suur Lisanna-Vegan Coffee Shop in the city, which opens its doors at 8.00. However, if you are at home or in the office, you can use wolt to order from both Lisanna-Vegan Coffee Shops at 8.30.


Väike Lisanna- Vegan Coffee Shop- Suurtüki 2, 10133 Tallinn

Suur Lisanna- Vegan Coffee Shop- Pärnu mnt 9, 10148 Tallinn

I will remember the visit to the Lisanna-Vegan Coffee Shop for a long time. When I left, my face was full of laughter and stomach full of good food. I plan to go back soon because so many flavors have yet to be discovered. You can also come and visit the Little and Big Lisanna-Vegan Coffee Shop. What is your favorite grilled sandwich at the Väike Lisanna-Vegan Coffee Shop? Let me know how it tasted! Also visit our Facebook page. Comment on your thoughts below. Share a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #spicethespirit and @lisannakohvik added so we can see your experience!

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