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5 healthy cocktails for New Year's Eve

The year 2019 is passing and the powerful 2020 is coming. In that case, we made exciting and tasty cocktails that won't give you hangover in the morning!

These cocktails are easy to make and everybody will love them!

Rhubarb bubble

Ingredients for 4:

2 tablespoons rhubarb syrup

600 ml of a lemon gas water

4 frozen strawberries

Put the liquids in a jug and mix. Pour the drink into the sparkling wine glasses and add the frozen strawberry.

This fizzy drink is a wonderful start for the New Year.


Ingredients for 4:

1 liter of cranberry juice

1 liter of orange juice


Add some ice to the red wine glass. Pour the orange juice over ice and then gently pour the cranberry juice on top.

Cucumber Gin

Ingredients for 4:

48 cl Seedlip gin (alcohol-free)

500 ml tonic


1 cucumber

Cut the cucumber slices with a peeling knife. Turn the cucumber slices into a roll. Place the whiskey in a glass of ice and cucumber rose. Pour 12 cl of alcohol-free gin into the whisky glass and then top it with tonic.

Ginger snaps

Ingredients for 4:

48 cl Ginger Schnapps (Rochester Ginger)

Take beautiful shot glasses and pour 12 cl ginger shot in the glass.

Warming greeting shot.

Red wine ice tea

Ingredients for 4:

A handful of rooibos tea

1 liter of water

half a lemon

a thumb-sized piece of ginger


Place the rooibos tea at the bottom of the teapot. Cut the lemon slices and chop the ginger into small pieces. Add them on tea. Boil water and pour it on the tea. Cool the tea and put ice in the kettle. When the tea is no longer hot, pour into the red wine glasses. For those who like it more sweeter, you can add a spoonful of maple syrup.

Happy New Year's Eve and have a wonderful New Year!

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