Nutrition Counseling

Who is a nutritionist?

The nutrition counselor advises the client on evidence-based diet and exercise
recommendations for maintaining, promoting health and preventing disease.
She assists the client in navigating the nutrition information, making choices
that are appropriate for the client and based on his or her physiological needs,
drawing up an individual balanced diet plan and adjusting physical activity.

What does nutrition counseling mean?

Nutrition counseling is an integral part of Spice the Spirit's comprehensive health plan.
It is important to know that diet is different from diet. Nutrition counseling is a
therapeutic approach that helps clients live a generally healthier lifestyle.
People of all ages benefit from nutrition counseling. Nutrition counseling involves
assessing different health needs related to diet and exercise. A nutrition counselor
helps patients set and achieve achievable health goals. So if you want to lose weight
or get better control over your diet, a counselor can help you. Find out how nutrition
counseling can help you.

Who is nutrition counseling for?

Many people can benefit from working with a nutritionist for a variety of reasons - whether you need a complete overhaul of your diet, managing your health, wanting to refine your diet or get inspired by new healthy recipes. It is best to book a nutrition consultation after contacting a primary care provider. This will help you find out if you have any specific conditions that can be addressed with diet, such as high blood sugar or cholesterol or blood pressure problems. When some patients come to nutrition counseling to learn more about how their food choices affect their health, others end up in my office on the advice of a doctor. Reasons to consult a nutritionist:
• Weight loss
• Weight gain
• Lowering cholesterol
• Allergies
• Conscious nutrition (desire to eat a balanced diet)
• Pre-diabetes condition
• Unusual diets (restriction of certain nutrients, paleo, vegetarianism, veganism)
• Pregnancy

What are the benefits of nutrition counseling?

Nutrition counseling is useful for clients who have tried unsuccessfully to lose weight. Under the guidance of a nutritionist, you will have a clear idea of ​​how your body responds to the foods you eat and how to create a diet that promotes well-being and weight loss. A nutritionist will carefully evaluate your eating habits to develop a plan to help you make positive and lasting changes and achieve lasting weight loss. Clients who choose nutrition counseling lose more weight and tend to stay away for a long time compared to those who do not visit a nutrition counselor. Clients with a nutrition counselor are more likely to receive tools and learn habits that will last a long time. Once you've learned about proper nutrition and about your daily health plan, you'll gain the knowledge to make better choices. Although drastic dietary changes can lead to short-term success, they are unlikely to cause lasting changes. But nutritionists offer their expert advice for sensible, positive changes that will make a real difference to your life and health. Nutritionists focus on you as a whole. The goals are deeper than lifting pounds. The goal of a good diet is to improve your overall health and well-being. With the help of a nutrition advisor, you can use nutrition to increase energy, improve sleep quality, strengthen the immune system, boost mood, increase concentration, and relieve the symptoms of the disease. What you eat affects many aspects of your health, including your health. A nutrition advisor can help you plan a nutritious meal to increase muscle mass, increase endurance, improve strength, and improve overall performance. By knowing exactly what your body needs to achieve your training goals, you can skip the frustrating trial and error of trying different food components and supplements. Your nutrition advisor may also recommend specific exercise programs to help you meet your goals.

How long does one counseling last?

The first consultation lasts 50-75 minutes. The length of the next consultations is between 45-60 minutes. The first one takes longer because the nutritionist gets to know the client and the reason for his or her turn.

How many times do you have to go to a nutritionist?
The length of counseling and the number of times depends individually on the client's turn and health condition.

Where does nutrition counseling take place?

Nutrition counseling takes place in Tallinn and Pärnu. The exact address will be sent by the counselor if a counseling date has been set. Counseling can also be done through video calls. This way, the nutritionist can receive clients regardless of location.

The cost of nutrition counseling

First meeting: 50-75 minutes 45 €
Subsequent consultations: 45-60 minutes 35 €
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